September 13, 2003 in Rochester, WA. I married the love of my life, a man I have been in love with since I was 14 years old. Every year since May 20, 1998, we celebrate another year of us!

am the mom of 4 kids, 3 boys and 1 girl. The girl was not last, she was 3rd. Number 4 was not an "whoops", he was planned. Being a wife and mommy is all I have ever wanted to be.

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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Happy Sad Lunatic

Happy Sad Lunatic
This is how I describe myself at this time in life! I am happy one min, crying a water works of tears the next and then yelling or pouting just 5 min later. I have been crying at comedy shows on tv, angered about things in the news... oh my gosh... really?!

I have been charting my cycles for 5 months in efforts to conceive a girl... this month... I am the most emotional I have ever been.... Kevin even says... EVER!

I don't cry, I am really not a crier! I can't seem to stop crying... I don't just flip from happy to mad, something usually has to be a trigger... but lately I don't need anything more then just a noise, or look, or for that matter... a thought in my head to set me over the cranky edge of sanity...

I cry at commercials for puppies as if I have peeled 2 dozen onions cut them into little pieces and rubbed my eyes with them! I get angry at things in my head as if I am that nut case on the side of the road in "that part" of Seattle where all the crazies live... ya know the one screaming at himself, while you lock your doors and stare forward like a deer in headlights. I am a happy lil wack job, I mean I am so euphorically giddy from time to time, just on a pink lil cloud floating above a pink city, on a perfect pink sunset night, nothing could bring me down... giggling and playful like a little girl in Barbie heaven...

Who the heck ever said trying to conceive a child is fun, should be locked up in a padded room!!!

So yay to Happy Sad Lunatic moments and yay till later!