September 13, 2003 in Rochester, WA. I married the love of my life, a man I have been in love with since I was 14 years old. Every year since May 20, 1998, we celebrate another year of us!

am the mom of 4 kids, 3 boys and 1 girl. The girl was not last, she was 3rd. Number 4 was not an "whoops", he was planned. Being a wife and mommy is all I have ever wanted to be.

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Wednesday, October 13, 2010



Yesterday I was a good mom.
I needed my life to be organized and orderly.
I speak up when something or someone upsets me.
I fall sometimes.
My children act up in public and it drives me crazy cause I can do nothing about it at the time.
Just when I feel people are just as disappointing as they get, it never fails someone shows me they can still surprise you in a negative way.
My entire day gets stuck in grrr mode when someone angers or upsets me.


Today I shall learn to be a better mother then I was yesterday. 
I will learn that sometimes disorder is the best kind of order.
I will learn to be quite where I would have once spoke.
I will learn that I have the strength to stand when I want to fall.
That children are will act up when I expect them to be good, and thats ok.
I will learn that just because one persons actions disappoint me, not everyone's going to disappoint me.
I will learn to let go of bad situations because my entire day is not worth a moment of frustration.


Tomorrow will be yesterday soon, and today will be here before I know it. Every day I will be better and stronger with a better outlook on myself and my life then I have right now.

Yay for yesterday and yay till next time!