September 13, 2003 in Rochester, WA. I married the love of my life, a man I have been in love with since I was 14 years old. Every year since May 20, 1998, we celebrate another year of us!

am the mom of 4 kids, 3 boys and 1 girl. The girl was not last, she was 3rd. Number 4 was not an "whoops", he was planned. Being a wife and mommy is all I have ever wanted to be.

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Monday, June 27, 2011

60 days to go!

have never been so anxious, excited, overwhelmed, consumed, fearful and over the moon happy all at the same time. The way my heart jumps when I feel her move and know that she is my "daughter" is just amazing! Kevin and I had talked in the past years about how he was envious of men whom get that special bond between father and daughter, I would tell him how truly gifted woman are to get to show a little girl how to be a girl and do girl things like he has the privileged of showing our boys. When we decided to try for a 3rd baby, I did so much research on how to conceive a girl, it took all fun and spontaneity out of it. But for us, just increasing the chance of having a girl was enough to keep us trying the "special" way!

This pregnancy has had such hard challenges and has been such a journey to this point. The morning sickness in the beginning that even with pills I was still getting sick was horrible... I remember one time driving with my sister in-law (Rachyl) she had to actually pull over on the on ramp to the free way so I could get sick, then we continued on our way, since that was just the normal for me. :(

I had intense round ligament tearing/separation, making it so painful to walk, stand, or move! But thank goodness for my orthopedic belly band that supports my belly weight off my ligaments that has helped a tremendous amount if I know I will be going for a long walk. Not to mention just grinning and bearing it as I don't really have any other options. 

I was put on modified bed rest for 6weeks, THANK GOD that time ended!!! WOW that was almost impossible to do, lay around on my left side for 3 hours a day... what mom has time for that!?

I have had 3 scares that landed me in Labor and Delivery already... 2 times with cramping that turned out to be contractions :( I tested positive for fFN a protein your body releases was your getting ready to go into labor which means at my stage a strong risk of pre-term birth :( So that means I have to pay far better attention to my body and listen to what it tells me... so she stays in as long as possible. I am not good at slowing down my pace so that has proven so difficult for me! 1 time I was sent in for decreased fetal movement, but they gave me some sugar water and she started bouncing off the walls... literally! :)

Dr. Lanza has monitored me very close since then, and said I have been doing so well that he believes she will make it to the beginning of August, no problem if I keep up the good work. Which makes me so happy! 

I have done so well with my diet this pregnancy that I have actually really high levels of Iron(even though it dipped at one point I brought it back up), vitamin D, and low blood pressure and my glucose test came back with really good results showing my diet is wonderful, which makes me so pleased as I have worked really hard this entire pregnancy to eat super healthy!  I crave sugar (Jam, Chocolate, Caramel) like crazy but regardless as to what some moms like to think/say the baby does not "NEED" any of your crazy cravings lol... that is just pregnancy hormones and your head not the baby!!! The baby needs vitamins and nutrients that are found in "HEALTHY" food. Not the random odd food you just "WANT" Not that I don't give in... let me tell you!! I craved white chocolate cake with raspberry filling and butter-cream frosting for 3 days when Kevin noticed at Safeway they had a single slice of it on sale so he bought it for me. Such a sweet man! LOL I remember eating it so slow, and just being in a euphoric seventh heaven with each bite. That was all me though, the baby had nothing to do with that craving... :)

I have been walking when I can combined with my healthy diet and trying to keep my weight gain very slow and steady as they recommend and I have been very pleased with the results. At this point I have only gained 19lbs, and with only 60 days left at most, I will be right on target with the Dr. recommended 25-35lbs!!! Yay! Dr. Lanza thinks I will be right at 25lbs at most, which thrills me!

We picked the name Elise as we loved the idea of a name that can grow with her... She can be "L", "Ellie", and "Elise" all names we loved. We know just as all the kids her favorite Aunt will be Rachyl and we wanted to include her name as well as my name in Elise's middle name so we combined Rachyl's middle name of Deann and my middle name of Ann to make D'Ann...

Kevin and I both enjoy watching her move around in my belly in the evening as we lay on the couch watching t.v. she is so active kicking and squirming around! Joe and Shay bring me toys that sing lullabies and tell me Elise wants to listen to it, so we together hold it up to my belly. They talk to her and they enjoy the count down to her due date as much as I do!!! LOL I know they will make great big brothers! I couldn't be more happy with their relationship with each other as best friends, and how excited they are to have a baby sister! I am so happy with the age gap between the 3 too! I feel we planned it so perfect for us!

The anxiety of being a mother to 3 kids is a bit overwhelming! I am so active with Joe and Shay, I play a large role in there Mommy Group as a organizer, I am a chair on the PTA and go and do so much with them, I teach them at home how to write, draw, cut and read (pre-read for Shay and sounding words out with Joe) and I am very anxious about keeping up with making sure I do enough for them as well as keeping up with just the routine of a infant and being a successful work at home mom! Getting my house work done, home made dinners on the table that are both nutritious and delicious for my family. As well as working my 30-40 hours from home to contribute to my family's financial situation as it makes me feel good to be able to take us on vacation or buy the extra fun things that make for great memories!

Kevin is such a silly guy and he likes to know he is providing for our family and that "my" working is "my" option and is not needed! So we mainly use my income as needed for unexpected expenses and extra things that we don't "NEED". I love being able to contribute that way! 

I just hope so much that I can do this! I have never felt insecure on my abilities before this, so its a odd feeling to not feel confident I can do something, but the idea of a 3rd baby terrifies as well as excites me! I can't wait to meet her and teach her and get to know her, but I just hope I can do it well... I want to raise a confident and happy, intelligent and well rounded little girl!

So yay for baby girls, yay for my wonderful boys and yay till later!!!