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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Ode to the Auntie

There are some kids fortunate enough to have to have an Auntie who is just their Auntie! She doesn't have her own children to love and support. She instead is devoted only to those whom she calls Niece and Nephew.

Some of these woman have made the choice for whatever reason to not be Mommy, but to be Auntie instead. Some were not given the choice. For these women being an Auntie is their life, its an identity just as much as being Mommy is to others.

These Aunties are different from other Aunties. These Aunties have a different kind of love for their Nieces and Nephews. For children blessed with an Auntie like this in their life they will get what other children will not. A woman whom like their mom, loves them, would protect them with their own life, listens to them and comforts them, plays with them, teaches them and helps to raise them. Yet, unlike other Aunties, she will not be busy with her own children. She will not be in "mommy mode" when they come to play. She is devoted first to being their Auntie. Her job isn't to raise them, but yet to love them!

Aunties home isn't a place to go play with their cousin, but instead a place of safety, comfort, and get away. It will forever be a safe haven for them to escape to. It is a place that allows these children the right to be 100% themselves without the competition of another child. Without a parent focused on raising them.

If the choice wasn't her own to not be a Mommy, their will be a tinges of pain associated with the loss of the idea of being a mom. What I think is so amazing about these woman, is the ability to put that aside and see the job ahead of them. Being Auntie! It's not an opportunity that should be taken lightly and most do not take it so! It is a big job full of its own challenges. Auntie is just as invested in these children as their parents are, they have a "Auntie Bear" spirit that seeks to protect and stand up for the children she claims as her family!

The bond that children will have with an Auntie devoted to them will be unlike any other... It's not a bond or role to be looked down upon, it is one that children with these Aunties will cherish as they grow older.

Auntie will hold their secrets, calm their fears, help them express frustrations, wipe away tears. She will be their to see them succeed, and help them try again when they don't. Auntie will be fun, her time with them will be sweet, she has the privilege of spoiling, doting, and playing without all the responsibility of raising, which in a Childs eyes makes her just about the coolest person ever!

Remember kids with these Auntie get what others don't, they get an Auntie who is AUNTIE... so don't ever look at her as JUST Auntie... for to your child, she is far more, she is THEIR Auntie not someone's mom, but THEIR Auntie first and only, and that makes her special!!!

So yay for Aunties, Yay for the bond they have with your children and yay till later.