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am the mom of 4 kids, 3 boys and 1 girl. The girl was not last, she was 3rd. Number 4 was not an "whoops", he was planned. Being a wife and mommy is all I have ever wanted to be.

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Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Mommy Talk...

I have read those blogs and memes about how talking to a mom of young kids is like having conversations with a person who has Tourette's.  Moms yelling at their kids mid conversation, falling right back into the convo as though nothing happened.

Talking to your mom best friend, you expect this, as that is how it is on both sides of the phone line. Which is why so many moms love memes about people calling them and how if it isn't an emergency, it is annoying... "you could have texted that"...
My best friend and I have a way she so perfectly coined "the fake, no commitment phone call". We text voice message each other, so it is like we are having a spoken conversation, but it can take us hours to have a 15 min conversation. Not to mention our random voice to text messages thrown in. Modern phones have made mom life and keeping up with friends such a funny mix of communication. 

Maybe this is why there are so many blogs about woman who lose contact with friends when they have children at different times. Talking with a friend who is a mom is not easily done, it can take hours and even days to have a simple conversation. If I didn't have kids I would hate talking to me. I have moments where I upset my husband because we will be talking and I get a text message and I will stop talking to him mid sentence. Yup! I do that. He is all "seriously?" and I am all "OMG I just need to send this message.". It's because they are so hard, mommy conversations, when you have a moment without a kid yelling at you, needing something from you, trying to kill another one of you kids or just being a pain and your best friend messages it is like, "drop everything I can respond in real time!". Sorry hubby. When I was younger, I could have carried on 2 conversations at one time. Something happens when you have multiple children though. You can do amazing multi tasking things like: wash dishes and breast feed, fold laundry and cook a 4 course meal, do homework with one kid and catch the glass of milk your other child is about to spill with cat like reflexes. Yet, simple things like finish a cup of coffee before it is cold for the 3rd time that morning, nope... have a conversation with another adult, nope... eat your meals when you make them, nope... remember why you walked into a room, HUGE NOPE! It's as though the ability to do multiple tasks that involve little humans destroy the part of your brain that allows you to function as the normal person you were for so many years before. This is why woman moms and woman non moms often struggle to maintain a friendship. Our brains are no longer wired the same. The non mom women have the ability to do things like walk and talk, whilst their counter part has the ability to sit at a park and watch 4 children going in 4 different directions and know where the 4 different children are at all times. As a mom I am proud of my mommy multi tasking abilities but, I also am sad for my inability to function on a normal scale. I now just make concessions such as, drink my coffee cold from the start so I don't feel so sad when I have to reheat a cup I have not yet had a sip from. 

I am so thankful for Mom friends, and that we have each other. No strings attached, no expectations, even when we have big life changing news to share, we are low key "listen when you have a minute" because we understand, Mommying aint easy! 

What kind of special communication forms and understandings do you have with your friends?